Redefine the Speed of Work in Government



Automate and accelerate document processing in any agency department with intelligent capture.


Accomplishing a task with any government entity is known to be painstaking and slow for both agency employees and the citizens they serve. Serving a critical role to society, governments should be ahead of the curve in technology and productivity, not decades behind everyone else.

Endless PDFs, emails, scans, forms, records, piles of paper, lost documents, prehistoric record rooms, delivery delays, lines out the door, frustrated citizens, overworked employees…a sight that is all too familiar at most government agencies. It is an unfortunate reality caused by intensely growing public demand, the document volumes associated with it, limited resources and the lack of modern productivity tools to handle them!

What could you do with your time if we eliminated all that manual data entry?


Government agencies are burdened with more document volumes than ever before. It’s time to automate these time-consuming tasks such as manually processing record requests, tax forms, case management, benefits claims, tax forms, identity verification and other high-value documents required to serve the public.

Data Contour’s breakthrough capture and extraction technology is here to help transform any document-heavy process. Automatically identify and route documents where they need to go with minimal human intervention. Instead of data entry, employees can focus on what truly matters like responding to questions, guiding citizens and driving policies.

Decreased manual indexing

Decreased legal decision-making process time

Faster with hybrid or cloud


There are lots of document processes in government sectors where digital technologies can be used in the processes and managing data digitally (digitized data and digitally native data), in order to convert processes (not simply digitization) into processes more efficient, more productive, more profitable and with greater customer satisfaction in their digital and physical experience with the company.

Therefore, Data Contour allows the use of digital information to optimize business results and create new revenue, optimize costs, new customer experience … offering so much value when applying Data Contour’s digitization technologies.

Eligibility determination

Case management

Benefits claims processing

Archive long-term documents to one centralized repository

Automated mailroom

Fraud prevention

Travel vouchers


Correspondence management

Onboarding data into RPA systems

Tax processing

COVID-19 testing and data collection

Identity verification

Invoice processing


Consulting the client before initiating the digitization plan in simple steps

1. Talk to an expert

2. We’ll help you find the right solution

3. Implement fastest and pain-free

4. Become an digitization hero! Accomplish more with less