Focus on Patients,
Not Paperwork



Automate document processing with speed and accuracy through intelligent capture.


Healthcare providers are challenged with the near-impossible: delivering the absolute best patient care at the lowest cost, while keeping up with administrative tasks, records handling and compliance. Contending with mountains of paperwork, both electronic and paper, healthcare workers experience high expectations to process them as quickly as possible, all while tending to patients. It’s no wonder workers are constantly exhausted and institutions are constantly paying for expensive errors.

It’s time for a solution. Healthcare providers should be able to focus on patients, not paperwork.


Data Contour’s breakthrough capture and extraction technology is here to help transform any document-heavy process. Whether it is patient intake forms, ID cards, lab forms or medical records, Ephesoft can identify and extract data from the documents with minimal human intervention. From there, the platform validates and delivers this data into your EHR or other line-of-business systems to help you use and access that valuable information. Instead of spending hours on manual data entry and looking for information from disparate data sources, healthcare providers can now focus on what truly matters like patient care and satisfaction.

Cure High Processing Costs

Lesser labour cost

Fast document preparation

Lesser document indexing


There are lots of document processes in health and medical services where digital technologies can be used in the processes and managing data digitally (digitized data and digitally native data), in order to convert processes (not simply digitization) into processes more efficient, more productive, more profitable and with greater customer satisfaction in their digital and physical experience with the company.

Therefore, Data Contour allows the use of digital information to optimize paper work and allowing to give fast treatment or service at optimize costs, new customer experience … offering so much value when applying Data Contour’s digitization technologies.

Invoice processing

Medical or insurance claims

Lab results

Prescription fulfillment

Patient IDs and health records

Human Resources employee onboarding

Patient admissions


Electronic referrals

Blood drive and medical forms

Test kit barcodes

Onramp data into EHR, RPA, purchasing or other systems


Consulting the client before initiating the digitization plan in simple steps

1. Talk to an expert

2. We’ll help you find the right solution

3. Implement fastest and pain-free

4. Become an digitization hero! Accomplish more with less