Take Claims Processing to New Heights



We help insurers get work done faster, maintain compliance and exceed their customers’ expectations.


The process of filing insurance claims is well-known to be slow and painful, both by customers and employees. And it’s no wonder this is the case: there are massive amounts of documents to be processed, increasing and changing regulations, and unforgivingly high customer expectations.

How can insurers possibly come out top?


Policy qualification, account opening, payment, underwriting, claims processing and more…

The key to accelerated processing, confidence in compliance and exceptional customer service while maintaining cost-effectiveness is getting the right data, fast.

Data Contour’s AI-based platform:

  1. Acts as the first step of digital transformation to unlock data
  2. Expedites processing time through eliminating or drastically reducing manual data entry
  3. Gathers and presents a clear view of customer data, all in a single, convenient screen
  4. Seamlessly exports usable data into any system: ERP, RPA, Content Services or other repository

Lesser labour cost

Faster processing

Process more claims per day


There are lots of processes in insurance services where digital technologies are being used in the processes and managing data digitally (digitized data and digitally native data), in order to convert processes (not simply digitization) into processes more efficient, more productive, more profitable and with greater customer satisfaction in their digital and physical experience with the company.

Therefore, Data Contour allows the use of digital information to optimize business results and create new revenue, optimize costs, new customer experience … offering so much value when applying Data Contour’s digitization technologies.

Claims processing


Policy qualification

Customer communications

Account opening

Invoice processing


Human resources and employee onboarding

Customer engagement

Feed usable data into RPA, ERP and other repositories with Web Services

Onboarding new business

Use our mobile SDK application to onboard data



Consulting the client before initiating the digitization plan in simple steps

1. Talk to an expert

2. We’ll help you find the right solution

3. Implement fastest and pain-free

4. Become an digitization hero! Accomplish more with less